"Shabbos at the Shack" Sessions

by Shark Valley Sisters

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recorded and mixed with ferny coipel in 8 hours at the shack north in hialeah, 9/13/2014


released September 13, 2014

rob elba: guitars/vocals
fausto figueredo: drums/yelling
ferny coipel: backing vocals on 'ballad of badfinger'
cover art: barry stock




Shark Valley Sisters Florida

In the 1990's/2000's, Rob Elba and Fausto Figueredo played in the South Florida bands Holy Terrors and Load respectively. In 2013 they joined together to form Shark Valley Sisters. In 2016 guitarist Dano Ceritelli and bass player Will Trev joined the band. ... more

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Track Name: Sir Winston
you're so far away
the paper read today
and you just went away

salenger in hand
the paper read today

and your father let you go
prince of sadness, sadness shows
sail across the universe
to find your father's only song

fold the weapon hand
the paper read today
and you're so far away
hold your mother's hand
she won't go far away

and your father let you go
prince of sadness, sadness grows
sail across the universe
to find your father's only song
Track Name: The Ballad of Badfinger
“maybe tomorrow” was the only one
fell from the apple tree from whence the tale was spun
four lads from swansea sound like
Ooooooo, ooooooo, oooooo

maybe they’re angels with infected wings
sent unprotected, singing broken-hearted things
i know you’ve heard them somehow
Ooooooo, ooooooo, oooooo

“come and get it”, “without you”, “day after day”, “baby blue”,
“no matter what”…

when I first learned the truth
of how the story ends
ham would never be allowed
to love and trust again
swing, swing my friend

when evans heard the news
he wanted to be there
in his garden he decided
it’s better just to swing
swing boys, swing
Track Name: God's Own Drug Addict
underneath the sick-n-more tree
trade forgiveness on a cure for pain
blood rushes down to your toes
get in the car, I’ll try to explain

don’t let your body bring you down
you say you’re gone, it means for good
now wear that monkey like a crown

dropped you off at the place where I found you
busted window and the smell of piss
we sanctify the ones we know are hopeless
we cry regret, when they come to this
come. to. this.